Gustavo Calcines M
The photograph was not with me initially. My life has been through marketing and advertising very early on, making me create an incredible sense of detail in every work, every strategy, every campaign and each exit to the street. Details that prompted me to look for a way to save them in time. People, places, adventures, trips, families, my favorite sports, no matter what to do, had the need to remember those details. Photography opened the opportunity to take that inherent vision that captures the moment without creating them, that becomes the everyday into something extraordinary, a never-ending passion for me. Being a surfer, extreme sportsman, adventurer, and traveler naturally led me to bring the camera to those places, where my photography career is slowly beginning. In the last 8 years I've developed an own style through the use of natural light, the outputs of adventures into the unknown, in particular natural environments, where we really belong and passionate... Any event that can be captured with a particular vision and without being intrusive.